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Bus Stage or Bus Stop!

Am of the opinion that the more problems we face the more opportunities stare at us; I think we have been white washed by white collar jobs that has hindered our thinking. Just look around you you will realize the rich guys are not necessarily the ones that have been held hostage by white collar job phenomena. But methinks that we are held hostage to what ‘others’ expect from ‘us’ which unfortunately override self-independence! I call these detractors; manage them it’s entirely another story! A while ago I read an article by Wale ; the issue of living as a photocopy or orginal! Unfortunately we have enslaved ourselves to ‘we-mentality’ – peer pressure – well Dr. Wale Akinyemi advises that: Friends, the condition that you do not challenge will accommodate you till death do you part. The difference between me and that wonderful kiosk owner was that he accepted where he was as a destination while I accepted where i was then as bus stop. It was not my destination. What made the difference? My vision and ability to challenge my conditions. Unfortunately like many people the kiosk owner began to look for excuses for why I could move on and he couldn’t. I have discovered that once a person accepts where they are as their fate and once they are not willing to challenge their conditions, there is very little that anyone can do to help them. Life is a journey so we are told. But we have to decide whether our current situation is a destination (have you arrived?) or we are at bus stage or bus stop! I decide to be at bus stop! We need to accept there is much we can do about our current situation! And not by proclaiming it but by taking a decisive and strategic action! Marian Wright Edelman said, “You were born God’s original. Try not to become someone’s copy”. 
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